Adventures in Teaching and Blogging

Thanks! | September 22, 2008

To all who have commented: BIG THANKS!  I appreciate all the positive feedback and welcome any constructive criticism as the blog develops.  I’m excited about this project and so glad the students are, too!  This will be a fun adventure!

Keep those comments coming!



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  1. Hi Professor,
    I, like so many others, very much enjoyed reading your inaugural blog post. I look forward to seeing exactly where you take this. With the flexibility inherent to a blog and your natural writing style, it seems like this will be a really cool little window into your world.
    Your site has easily secured a spot on my Bookmarks Bar.

    Comment by Matt Clark — September 23, 2008 @ 10:53 pm

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I'm a first year visiting assistant professor of journalism at Drake University School of Journalism and Mass Communication. I'm teaching public relations classes and see blogging as an important p.r. tool. I know very little about blogging and feel I need to learn along with my students. Thus, "Adventures in Teaching and Blogging" is born.







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