Adventures in Teaching and Blogging

I wonder if blogging can be addictive? | September 25, 2008

Can’t sleep so I decide to look at other blogs and found these “State of the Blogosphere 2008” posts to be compelling and interesting:

(Now if I only knew how to tag or link or connect my blog to that one because I know that helps a blog get “out there”…any answers, anyone?

Also, I hope I’ve added the links correctly.  If not, I suppose you could resort to cut-‘n’-paste-in-browser mode?)

(The charts of time bloggers spend blogging are what prompted me pose to the question of this post!!)

Any thoughts, comments, ideas, reflection on the links I’ve included?  How about any technical advice for this first-time blogger?

Oh, in case you can’t tell from this blog so far, I’ll say it now: I won’t tolerate any “snarkiness” here.  So far, so good.

So, good night.


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I'm a first year visiting assistant professor of journalism at Drake University School of Journalism and Mass Communication. I'm teaching public relations classes and see blogging as an important p.r. tool. I know very little about blogging and feel I need to learn along with my students. Thus, "Adventures in Teaching and Blogging" is born.







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